maxmusicmix. no bs, just great music.

This isn't your little sister's radio station . . . .

music for grownups

Who is MaxMusicMix?

We are made up of current and former deejays with club and broadcast experience. We have seen our share of the best and brightest in the music world as well as some we'd like to forget!

We offer a wide spectrum of musical tastes with emphasis on adult oriented music. We are fans of  pop/rock, alternative, indie, r&b, and even a little deep house. We are well versed in classic rock and adult alternative album (AAA).

You'll hear acoustic versions of popular songs, live versions, remixes and mashups.

Why can't you see many of our faces? Well, some of us have faces for radio. Leave it at that.

We'll be adding more deejays very soon. With pictures. Of their faces. Maybe.