So, you've probably noticed the issues with streaming the MaxMusicMix stations? I cannot begin to apologize enough for the snafu and unfortunately there is no assistance from the service used. I have attempted over and over to get answers but cannot get even a peep. In fact, the only response anyone is getting is the bogus pre-recorded message that plays when you click on the play button from time to time. MaxMusicMix did not put that message on there, nor was it authorized. The website undergoes maintenance constantly to keep the links up to date and I was just as surprised as the next guy to hear that redirection message coming through my speakers. 

Sometimes the apps work. . . sometimes they don't. I recently looked into creating distinct apps for each station (a very expensive project) but can't justify doing that if the streams are jacked up.

This leaves me with only a few options:

1) Hang on by my fingernails until the streaming gets "fixed" or stops altogether, or

2) Find another streaming service, which means start from scratch and hope to rebuild before we all die, or

3) Quit. Give up.

Well, number 3 isn't an option. I'm not a quitter. It's very frustrating but I will not simply give up. I am definitely looking into other options, and, if the planet isn't blown up before then, I may find a solution. I'm not ready to throw in the towel and hope the streaming isn't completely FUBAR. Frankly, it's embarrassing, frustrating, and really pisses me off.

Having said that, please know that I appreciate all the support the stations have received. Every single listener is appreciated and having your support, just by listening, is worth all the hours (years) I put into this project. It is truly a labor of love. There were times in my personal life if I hadn't had music to lean on, well, there would be no Max. Literally. And by being able to share music with others may be the greatest privilege I have been gifted with.

In the meantime, I will keep pushing. Thank you for your support. Rock on.


‚Äč8 July 2017


Streaming Issues...